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At TaylorBuiltBrands, we're here to help you solve your marketing and sales challenges, and grow your brand and business.


Our simple, 4-step process will result in a competitive brand positioning, marketing & sales strategy, and Brand Bible which will help you achieve your immediate business objectives and create a roadmap for future growth and prosperity:

STEP 1)  Discovery meeting to understand your vision, goals, and objectives 

STEP 2)  Completion of a SWOT analysis examining your category trends, consumer target, competitive landscape, and unique product/service features & benefits to establish your biggest opportunity

STEP 3)  After gaining alignment on the opportunity, we will construct a brand positioning, corresponding marketing and sales strategies, and roadmap for future growth which will inform and guide all consumer/customer touch points and tactical executions with your brand

STEP 4)  We will recommend the best design/creative/content generation & placement providers to execute your marketing strategy based on your budget

Brad Taylor
Founder & CMO

I spent over 30 years in marketing and sales leadership positions in the Advertising Agency industry, at Pizza Hut, Inc., and over 23 years at The Coca-Cola Company. I've been thoroughly trained by some of the best marketers in the world on how to think outside the box to effectively position brands, and activate winning marketing and sales strategies to deliver the desired results.  And, I've sold a thing or two along the way!

I'm passionate about leveraging my background, skills, and experiences to help businesses achieve success. I'm equally passionate about inspiring others to achieve their personal and professional aspirations.


When I'm not consulting clients or delivering keynote speeches, I'm teaching branding and marketing classes at local colleges and universities, and serving on advisory boards. 

I'd love the opportunity to see how I can serve you to meet your needs.

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