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Prior Experience

I've had experience solving marketing challenges with the following brands over my career:


Current Clients

Here's what others have recently had to say about me:

"I would highly recommend Brad to anyone looking for a consultant that is highly collaborative, endlessly curious, and boldly creative. Brad is a high integrity partner that builds long-lasting relationships that deliver valuable results" - former colleague at Coca-Cola

"Brad is an experienced marketer that brings passion and performance to the projects he works on" - former colleague

"Prof Taylor is so passionate in class and provides real-life examples that makes the content more relatable to students" - Emory University student

"Brad's relationship-driven style is second to none and helped our team win and retain several multi-million dollar contracts" - former employee

"... he cares, he believes, he discovers, he collaborates, he invests, he executes ... creativity is Brad's engine, we are just lucky that he allowed us to drive the car" - former employee

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